Getting OLd-Keeping Busy

i am now 78 Years Young-Retired Accountant-a caregiver for a friend who is a stroke victim-and a seller of items on the internet who is trying to keep up with this tech world which is entirely new to my generation.

It is really wonderful to keep so busy-Between my caregiver duties i try to read everything i can about Internet Marketing-add items to my various selling sites and just enjoy the day’s-They go by so fast the older i get and am blessed to have good health and something to keep me active

I strongly recommend to all of us getting older to find something to occupy your days-i live in a retirement community and see the results of in activity every day in people who are suffering from Dementia or alsheimers? It is definetly something i do not want to happen to me-Please excuse the spelling

Please Take a look at my seller sites and let me know what i could do to improve them-Not looking to make a lot of money just keeping busy-Thanks Dave



Happy Mothers Day-Wherever you are

I do not happen to be lucky enough to have my mom with me to celebrate her day but i know she is looking down at me,smiling and saying celebrate with others mothers.
I live in a senior living apt complex and tommorow May 10th they are having a Mothers Day Pot luck for all the Mothers who live here-many in their upper 80s &90s -most are alone
and far away from their families so a good chance to be with other people to celebrate
For those of you who do still have their moms, which includes two of my moms sisters both in their nineties enjoy them-love them while you can because once they are gone they will never be replaced

What It Is Like Living In a Independent Living Facility

I am a 77 year old man who is a caregiver for a long time friend who had a stroke and is confined to a wheelchair. We live in a two  bedroom apt in a living facility that is handicapped accessible There are residents here well into their 90s,many suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s who have been dumped here by their families as it is less expensive then a nursing home.

i as many other residents am in good physical health. It is very sad to see these men and women in their 70-80-90s who do not know what day it is suffer without support from Family or friends.It makes for a very entertaining environment as many are happy as the day they were born and depressing at the same time.

We who are well try to do our best for them but in this day and age of lawsuits you have to be very careful as to who said did what when helping out

Does anyone else live in a similar situation? -i am talking about about 200 people live here-I would like to hear from you

Callling All Senior Citizens

hi- i am a 76 year young senior citizens who loves to sell on the internet and at flea markets-i currently sell on and at yard sales and local flea market. i sell new ,old, Junk. anything i think i can make some money on

i ran a indoor/outdoor flea market in NYC on Canal St. for 10 years

are there others out there with the same interests ? I would love to hear from you-what do you sell? your best sale ever[so far’]

etc-Soon   Dave

Who Likes to Sell On the Internet

Hi-I am a retired 76 years young man who discovered the computer a few years ago and loves it. I sell different items from suppliers. it takes a lot of time and keeps my mind active.also adds a little to my minimal ss
I would like to hear from other entrepenaurs and craft people on what you make sell give away
I sell on Bonanza- eBid-Craigslist and various local sites
also looking for more to sell-i also love Garage Sales and treasure hunting for that one great item
Please contact me and lets talk Dave


I was born  three years before WWII and grew up in the 40s and 50s. It was a totally different world. People lived struggling through the war years and then the fabulous 50s came along.It was a great time where kids played outside with their friends, mom hollered if she wanted you home-but we ate lunch at 12 noon sharp and 5 pm sharp so knew we better be there if we wanted to eat and had better eat what we got or go hungry-i had a job delivering papers at 10-cashier at 14-and worked another 50 years as a Accountant.Money went much further=we got one good present at holiday time and what ever clothes we needed. We did not have TV until i was 14 and i was happier to be outside riding my bike then watching Tv

Then came the tech revolution-cell phones,computers,robots,man on the moon,Vietnam war that destroyed a lot of young men’s lives,the Beatles,Pot,all sorts of let them do it devices,Video Games,Nintendo-on and on

I have always tried to keep up with the times but things like today;s music will never compare with the early performers,

As i get older i have accepted what i have and can and cannot do-don’t care what people think-don’t try to change things i cannot and just try to be Thankful for another day. Thank you for reading my ramblings and please send me some of yours