My First Post

I am new to all this so bear with me ,Please. I would like to write about a variety of things that happen in a senior citizens daily life with a emphasis on Gardening,Reading,Interaction with other Seniors,etc.
I am a 73 years young man who retired from a working life 4 years ago.i try to keep my body & mind active by walking and interacting with other folks who live in my Active Seniors over 55 Community.We meet daily in the afternoons for a informal chat session.There are some very distinct “Groups”-The Ladies who mostly Gossip=The Smokers who are a great variety of people from many parts of the country with tales to tell-The dog walkers who get their daily exercise.
I am going to try to make this blog interesting to all but as you can see i will need help.
We have some interesting people living here from one lady who if you do not watch her appears in the front lobby in a diaper,a columnist who writes articles on Nature,a former homeless man,a diner owner for 30 years who loves to make things for everybody.
I will continue more later and try to get more interesting. Thanks for your patince. Dave