The Golden Years ?

Now that i have reached the age of 75 years young i have a whole new perspective of what this phrase means.
I am very Happy to be here and Thank the Lord every day but my mind is about 30 and my body says different.
Its a whole different story when instead of bouncing out of bed you get up slowly so your bones get a chance to wake up. Suffering from arthritus i takes about an hour to get moving. A 5 hour sleep is common. I am a day person and usually up by 5:00 Am having grown up in farm country its what i got used to. usually in bed by 9:00 pm
I can remember things from the past clearly but yesterday is a mystery.I have a lot of great memories and share many of these with people ,places from my past on Facebook and hometown sites.Also a site called Bored Panda-for bored people-is great for all ages.
Anybody out there have some sites or comments? Let me know Dave