I was born  three years before WWII and grew up in the 40s and 50s. It was a totally different world. People lived struggling through the war years and then the fabulous 50s came along.It was a great time where kids played outside with their friends, mom hollered if she wanted you home-but we ate lunch at 12 noon sharp and 5 pm sharp so knew we better be there if we wanted to eat and had better eat what we got or go hungry-i had a job delivering papers at 10-cashier at 14-and worked another 50 years as a Accountant.Money went much further=we got one good present at holiday time and what ever clothes we needed. We did not have TV until i was 14 and i was happier to be outside riding my bike then watching Tv

Then came the tech revolution-cell phones,computers,robots,man on the moon,Vietnam war that destroyed a lot of young men’s lives,the Beatles,Pot,all sorts of let them do it devices,Video Games,Nintendo-on and on

I have always tried to keep up with the times but things like today;s music will never compare with the early performers,

As i get older i have accepted what i have and can and cannot do-don’t care what people think-don’t try to change things i cannot and just try to be Thankful for another day. Thank you for reading my ramblings and please send me some of yours


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