Callling All Senior Citizens

hi- i am a 76 year young senior citizens who loves to sell on the internet and at flea markets-i currently sell on and at yard sales and local flea market. i sell new ,old, Junk. anything i think i can make some money on

i ran a indoor/outdoor flea market in NYC on Canal St. for 10 years

are there others out there with the same interests ? I would love to hear from you-what do you sell? your best sale ever[so far’]

etc-Soon   Dave


My Dream Vacation Is Ireland

Ini response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tourist Trap.”

I would love to visit Ireland. My grandmother came from county cork to the Usa and raised her family. I still have relatives there who i have never met. at this point it is just a dream as i am too old to travel that far but can still surf and see the countryside.

Who Likes to Sell On the Internet

Hi-I am a retired 76 years young man who discovered the computer a few years ago and loves it. I sell different items from suppliers. it takes a lot of time and keeps my mind active.also adds a little to my minimal ss
I would like to hear from other entrepenaurs and craft people on what you make sell give away
I sell on Bonanza- eBid-Craigslist and various local sites
also looking for more to sell-i also love Garage Sales and treasure hunting for that one great item
Please contact me and lets talk Dave