What It Is Like Living In a Independent Living Facility

I am a 77 year old man who is a caregiver for a long time friend who had a stroke and is confined to a wheelchair. We live in a two¬† bedroom apt in a living facility that is handicapped accessible There are residents here well into their 90s,many suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s who have been dumped here by their families as it is less expensive then a nursing home.

i as many other residents am in good physical health. It is very sad to see these men and women in their 70-80-90s who do not know what day it is suffer without support from Family or friends.It makes for a very entertaining environment as many are happy as the day they were born and depressing at the same time.

We who are well try to do our best for them but in this day and age of lawsuits you have to be very careful as to who said did what when helping out

Does anyone else live in a similar situation? -i am talking about about 200 people live here-I would like to hear from you