Getting OLd-Keeping Busy

i am now 78 Years Young-Retired Accountant-a caregiver for a friend who is a stroke victim-and a seller of items on the internet who is trying to keep up with this tech world which is entirely new to my generation.

It is really wonderful to keep so busy-Between my caregiver duties i try to read everything i can about Internet Marketing-add items to my various selling sites and just enjoy the day’s-They go by so fast the older i get and am blessed to have good health and something to keep me active

I strongly recommend to all of us getting older to find something to occupy your days-i live in a retirement community and see the results of in activity every day in people who are suffering from Dementia or alsheimers? It is definetly something i do not want to happen to me-Please excuse the spelling

Please Take a look at my seller sites and let me know what i could do to improve them-Not looking to make a lot of money just keeping busy-Thanks Dave



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